Whittier Locksmith Service Chip Key Replacement Whittier, CA


Whittier Locksmith Service Whittier, CA 562-340-4631Technology has brought about a huge shift in the way we do things. Take your automobile security for example; back in the day you could access your car with a simple metal key and thieves could jimmy a lock and steal a car without much effort. In the modern era, automobile manufacturers have introduced a host of advanced security mechanisms that are almost impossible to penetrate. A transponder chip is a prime example.

What exactly is it?

All modern cars have a transponder installed in the plastic head of your key that communicates with a receiver inside the vehicle. When you emit the signal via your transponder key, your car receives it and recognizes your numerical signature. If the car receives a wrong signal, it refuses to allow the ignition to start. The transponder key was introduced to deter thieves from stealing vehicles. Since it cannot possibly be copied and requires a highly trained professional locksmith to replace it, thefts have reduced significantly over the last few years.

What to do if the chip is not working?

Imagine stepping out of your home one day, turning the key in the ignition and the car does not receive the signal. It’s quite possible that your chip may have been damaged. Our auto locksmith experts can help you during such events with a quick chip key replacement service.

Replacing a transponder chip is not an easy job and requires technical know-how and specialization. Unlike metallic car keys, these keys contain a microchip that emits a unique code to your vehicle in order to start it. Whittier Locksmith Service offer onsite transponder chip key replacement services at a cost much lower than your car dealer. If you get a replacement at your dealer, be prepared to shell out a lot of money and wait several days before you could get a new set. Our experts, on the other hand, can give you a new one within the same day.

Call us anytime, anywhere

Whittier Locksmith Service offers 24x7 services anywhere in Whittier, CA area. In case your chip stops working while you are travelling, don’t panic and call us for our help. Our mobile locksmith unit will quickly reach your location and provide a replacement right on the spot!

Are you not able to start your vehicle with your keys? You may need a chip key replacement. Call us now on 562-340-4631 for instant locksmith help.